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Columbia, South Carolina United States
Casting and shooting magazine shoot, seeking males for art, some implied nudity, clothing and fashion…. Must be muscular, not huge.. but if bodybuilder please let me know we have jeans that you can model. I do need two females for fashion and topless implied, arms crossed.. NO NUDITY or FRONT NUDITY.. This if for new clothing line by famous company.. need 8 models please rely with head shot and body hot.. or point to past work..

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Male Models for Fashion and Alternative book

Columbia, SC, Sri Lanka
Male Models needed, experience not needed, I can teach anyone how to model and am known for training Talent that has gone on to be major models or actors. Must be open minded, take good direction, bodybuilder not required, but at least have athletic ability. We can work on a schedule to get you into shape if you have the ambition. Seeking all ages, mature men plus as that is our market. 30 to 65, cool look. Long hair a plus, but we can use toupee or wig. Please be open to alternative subjects, bi, gay, gay curious or straight actors or models that. Are open minded to shoot with other male models. I am happy to build a portfolio for you, We enjoy and try to do everything we can to help you get other jobs. You will work on an exclusive contract in beginning as well as agreement for. Discretion. Pay is Union we well as trade for portfolio and work. We are also seeking an assistant,, someone to work with me as personal assistant and travel, possibly live in guest house. All expenses paid,, plus salary and perks. Discretion a must. You will also have chance to model or act. i will personally introduce you to all major players in LA as well as all of my overseas contacts as we progress and i feel you are ready to leave. You will attend all meetings and handle all of my personal needs, dressing, wardrobe, habits, physical training, we will teach you all you will need to be a personal assistant as well as great model and actor.

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Fine art nude

Las Cruces, New Mexico United States
I am looking for female models to collaborate with to create fine art nude photographs. Model should at least be 18 years old. Shoot will be focused on natural beauty in nature. So make up will not be nessisary. You can use it if you want but you don't have to. With it getting cold it would be best to do this on a weekend. Thank you for your consideration.

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California United States
NEW PROJECT--I am seeking FEMALE models in the area (+-100 mi) for my photographic project of nude models who have tattoos/piercings; alternative models who would NOT be uncomfortable being published in magazines, shown in art galleries, and generally quite proud of their tattoos and their modeling. If you are interested in this project, please take a look at my work on my website of as well as here, to get a feel for the style of photography that I am working on. Also, you can see my work on Instagram (

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Looking for new faces

West Palm Beach , Florida United States
We are looking for new faces for advertising and fashion. (Paid shooting). Model selection trough unpaid phototest on line. For more info (only if definitely interested) please reply here.

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Experiment in fantasy

Frisco, Texas United States
Shoot will be a little fantasy, mixed with a little cosplay and unique and dramatic lighting.....even wind and fog Shoot duration should be 2-3 hours My shoots are fun, interesting and drama free The model will receive lots of pics within a reasonable time frame and have full rights to said images Let's create some historic images (I guess ALL images are historic)

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