When will my images appear in the Marketplace?

Marketplace images are reviewed, selected and categorized by our staff. We generally review new sales items daily, however it can take up to five days for your images to appear in the Marketplace.

While we try to represent all of the images for sale on MuseCube in the Marketplace, we do have guidelines on what we will list. Snapshots, webcam images, pornography and non-image sales items are presently not selected for the Marketplace.

Note that images shown under the "browse by artist" section will show all images by a particular artist, including those images which may not have been selected to appear in the categorized sections of the Marketplace.

Images are shown in the order that they are selected by our staff. Thus, newer images will appear first in the list.

If you wish to have your image removed from the marketplace, or believe that we have overlooked your image, please contact us.

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