Model Safety Tips

We strongly recommend that all models particpating in the MuseCube website review the following safety tips and information:

The following are provided as general guidelines for protecting yourself

  • Report all abuse of the MuseCube system or suspicious behavior / messages to We block any messages from individuals using our system who are not of a reputable nature.
  • When attending a shoot, or meeting with someone for the first time, always use a chaperone.
  • Never put your full address or phone number on any post in a modeling forum or other public area.
  • Be very careful regarding posts and e-mail from anyone with a generic or free (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) e-mail address.
  • Obtain as much information you can about those you are considering working with.
  • Ask for references and examples of prior work.
  • Prior to arranging a shoot, discuss and clearly agree on the subject matter of the shoot.
  • Ensure that the terms of the shoot are established in advanced (TFP, pay rate, expenses, etc).
  • Be certain to get a verifiable home and/or studio phone number, and street address, for anyone you work with.
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