What is MuseRate?

MuseRate is a sorting algorithm that is designed to take into account a number of criteria used to determine the reliability, quality and responsiveness of members. These criteria include:

  • Quality of portfolio
  • Overall popularity
  • Activity on the site
  • Responsiveness to messages
  • Popularity of your portfolio amongst other MuseCube members

MuseRate is an exclusive technology used by MuseCube, and is the first of its kind.

How can I increase my MuseRate score on MuseCube?

The MuseRate system is based on a variety of criteria. The following may help to increase your ranking:

  • Keeping your portfolio up to date.
  • Upgrading to a higher service level (plus, pro, etc)
    Upgrading your portfolio unlocks certain features which help to increase traffic and promote your portfolio. Service level may have an indirect impact on your MuseCube ranking.
  • Promotion / linking of your MuseCube portfolio from other websites.
  • Prompt response to messages sent to you through the MuseCube message center.
  • Adding a wide variety of work to your portfolio.

The MuseRate system is partially based on a personal review of your portfolio. New portfolios are rated and ranked once per day. If you feel that your ranking is inaccurate, please contact us at info@musecube.com, and we may re-review and rate your portfolio.

The MuseRate system is not effected by critique postings or rankings. At this time, critique gallery rankings have no bearing on the MuseRate system in any fashion.

The following may have an adverse effect on your MuseRate ranking:
  • The presence of "webcam" or unprofessional images (snapshots) in your portfolio
  • Portfolios that are contain work that is primarily adult in nature
  • Portfolios that contain images that are off-topic, or unrelated to your portfolio.
  • Portfolio inactivity - failure to update or login to your portfolio for an extended length of time.
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